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Professional e-mail address and much more
Acquire customized e-mail address (@yourbusiness.com), 24/7 support, 30 GB of storage and much more.
Freedom to work from any place
Create, edit and share files from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet while you are in constant move.
Safety and controls for Business
Manage business data and devices with tools that provide the control you need.
Tools that help streamline work process
home-gmail-icon_2xUtilize Gmail at work

With integrated calendars, powerful search and Gmail’s spam protection you can increase your productivity. Amongst the improved business functions, we offer a warranty of activity time of 99.9% and 30 GB of storage. Also, it lacks advertisement.


Store and share on the cloud

Save your work files on Drive, access them from any device and instantaneously share them with your team. Forget about attaching files.

home-hangouts-icon_2xParticipate in face to face meetings with other people

Hold high definition videoconference calls through Hangouts with up to 15 participants from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can share screen, give presentations and talk while you work.

Calendars, Documents y much more…
Google’s collaboration web and message apps do not require any hardware or software, and also, they need very minimum maintenance. Thanks to that, businesses can save a lot of time as well as costs.
While final users migrate to Gmail and Google Calendar, they will be able to use Microsoft Outlook’s interface which with they are already familiar with, for the functions of e-mail, contacts and calendar with Google Sync app for Microsoft Outlook.
E-mail client E-mail address Calendar Contacts
Microsoft Outlook Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook
Apple Mail Does not require additional software Does not require additional software Does not require additional software
Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird IMAP Protocol in Thunderbird CalDav Protocol in Sunbird
You can access Google Apps for Work from a great variety of cell phones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and other of less power. We offer several synchronization functions so that you can access your Google Apps for Work while you are out of the office.
We guarantee a minimum availability of Google Apps for Work of 99.9% so that your workers can be more productive and you don’t have to worry about inactivity laps of the system.
Focus on e-mail that matters

Stop sending attachments

Choose a plan

Professional e-mail address, online storage, videoconference and other business tools to transform the way you work.

Google Apps

USD $5 a month per user
or $50 USD a year per user plus tax
  • Google Apps for Business include:
  • Corporate Business e-mail (name@yourbusiness.com)
  • Voice and video calls
  • Integrated online calendars
  • 30 GB of online storage to synchronize and share files
  • Text documents, spread sheets and online presentation
  • Easy to create project sites
  • Management and safety controls
  • 24/7 Phone and e-mail assistance
  • Start now

Google Apps with unlimited storage and Vault

USD $10 a month per user
or $120 USD a year per user plus tax
  • All the applications of Google Apps for Business and more:
  • Unlimited Storage (or 1 TB per user if there are at least 5 users)
  • Advanced management controls for Drive
  • Report and audits’ statistics for Drive content
  • Electronic detection for emails, chats, documents and other files with Google Vault
  • Search and export files with ease to different formats
  • Backup of all emails sent by your business
  • Establish policies to keep track of messages
  • Establishing and implementing conservation policies over Received
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We are Google Apps for Work Authorized Distributors

Google Apps Authorized SMB Reseller

Main questions regarding pricing
What is considered a user?
A user is defined as a customized e-mail address (name@yourbusiness.com). The alias associated with group email (support@yourbusiness.com) are included free of charge and are not counted as users.
Can I buy just one of the products?
No. Google apps is designed as an integrated solution so that they can work without glitches. For example, you can receive a Gmail message and automatically transform it into a Google Calendar event. When commenting on a Document, Spread Sheet or Presentation, coworkers automatically receive an email alert. With a single click, you can start a videoconference in Hangouts from Received or Calendar. Using these tools as a complete package allows to increase productivity and value added to your business.
Why must I pay when Google offers similar products for free?
With Google Apps for business, you will receive a variety of business quality services that are not included in the free service for consumers like for example, professional e-mail with your domain, more storage on Gmail and Drive, 24 hours phone and email assistance, 99.9 % active time guarantee, compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, improved safety and managerial functions for all user accounts.

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